Spring types we produce

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Compression SpringsCompression Springs

Compression Springs:
.008" - .072" diameter wire
1.125" max O.D.
6.000" max free length

We produce: Standard compression springs, conical springs, and barrel springs all with open, closed, ground, or special ends if required.

Extension SpringsExtension Springs

Extension Springs:
.008" - .072" diameter wire
1.000" max O.D.
All types of hooks on ends

We produce: Extension springs with machine loops, crossover loops, extended loops, side loops, or special ends if required.

Torsion SpringsTorsion Springs

Torsion Springs:
.008" - .062" diameter wire
1.000" max O.D.
All types of ends

We produce: Torsion springs with short hook, straight offset, hinge, straight torsion, double torsion, or special formed ends that you may require.

Wire FormsWire Forms

Wire Forms:
.008" - .187" diameter wire
12" Machine length max.
3' Hand formed length max

We produce: Wire forms in many shapes. From simple rings to complex shapes that you may require.

Metal StampingsMetal Stampings

Metal Stampings:
.003" - .050" thickness
.020 - 1.250 wide flat stock

We produce: Metal stampings from brackets, spring clips, contact plates, washers, flat springs, cantilever and beam springs, spring washers, to anything you may require.

Secondary operations: Spring grinding, hand forming, automatic and hand looping, stress relief, packaging, and assemblies.

Materials Formed: Music, High/Low Carbon steel, Stainless steel, Brass, Phosphor Bronze, Beryllium Copper, Precious Metals, Resistance Alloys. Most available in a selection of preplated finishes.

Outside sources: We use top quality sources for material, plating, heat treating, passivating, and various other services used in the manufacturing of our springs, wire forms and metal stampings.